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Jan 15, 2009 at 8:59 PM
Hello all, after some minor delay because of holiday festivities (many apologies), I have uploaded the TVB documentation sent to me via Mediaplex (and by roundabout way from David Prager and his team at the TVB).

It is a mega file - 20 MB to be clear - but very enlightening.  You can find it in the RELEASES section of the site.

I would like to open this discussion to the use of the TVB messaging components as a baseline for our messaging discussions.
Jan 15, 2009 at 9:26 PM
Edited Jan 16, 2009 at 3:30 PM

IAB E-business standards review.


Arkadiy Dikshteyn

Harris Corporation



1)       In order to decrease development time and provide faster implementation, it makes sense to change schemas so that it will be easier to process
      them by ePort, hubs and applications developed by many vendors:


a.       Use root element attributes as in TVB v.3.2.

Particularly, it makes sense to have the following attributes in the root:





      b.      Some other corrections possible. 

For example, use SourceCode (as in TVB v.3.2) instead of PrimaryID and OtherID.


2)       Proposal schema.


IAB xml schema for Proposal has ProposedContract element with a lot of information in it.

Currently, Rep does not send a Proposal with contract info back to Agency.

If other trading partners need it, the ProposedContract element could be made optional.


3)       InsertionOrder schema.


a.       IAB schema allows multiple OrderDetails elements – multiple orders.
      TVB schema allows only one order.

b.   InvoiceGroupNumber under OrderDetails should be optional.

c.   Schema contains the mandatory element ContractDetails
      Currently, Agency does not send it in the Order. If other trading partners need it, the ContractDetails     element could be made optional.


4)       RFP schema.


Now Agencies, Rep and stations do not use any special format for this EDI transaction. It looks that it will be more difficult to have all participants agree and implement the RFP schema at this moment.

5)       The following enhancements will be desirable for RFP, Proposal and InsertionOrder schemas:


a.       Ability to provide demographic info similar to TVB v.3.2.
      Existing Delivery element is descriptive.
      It makes sense for it to have more restrictive structure that depends on delivery type.
c.       Some partners may not want to provide info about agency discount.
      Currently, this info is required.

6)       Some errors in beta version of RFP, Proposal and InsertionOrder schemas:


      a.  guid simple type has a wrong definition.

      b.   MediaDetails element in the schema does not have MediaID but example has it.

      c.   Examples have multiple errors.


7)       In October 2008, we suggested adding various contact types to IABTypeOfContact element. Currently, only some of them are in schema.


Schema still does not have a way to provide the following contact types:     

      Station Online Traffic/Technical

      Station Online Billing.

Maybe a partner Role ‘Station’ should be added.


8)       Acknowledgement schema.


  1. UniqueMessageID is defined differently in Acknowledgement and in RFP, Proposal and InsertionOrder. It should have the same guid type.
  2. Ability to send info about business rules failure could be added. It’ll improve communication between trading partners.